Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Proof of Life (or, Things to Check Out): June 4, 2013

Hi everyone
It's me, Geoff.

I haven't posted on our beloved Death-Ray Ozone in a while, but I've been posting up on Comics Bulletin pretty regularly.  Not as regularly as I'd hoped, but I'm trying to write more.  You can check out what I've been writing for them over here.  The dudes at Comics Bulletin have all been great and it's been a great experience so far writing for them, so click around on that site, there's some good stuff all over every day.

(I just checked that link, and it looks like I'm averaging about two reviews a month, so I'm gonna try to step that up soon.)

I put up a couple new comics on STRONG CONQUEROR, so check those out.  I switched back to drawing digitally after some time drawing with pencils and inks.  I tried out pen nibs for a while and those were fun, but man they were hard to use properly.  I definitely need some more practice with those, but I started worrying that I'd forgotten how manga studio and photoshop work, so I ran back to digital just to keep it relatively fresh in my head.  My sister signed me up for this Art Snacks thing for my birthday.  I like it.  They send you a little sampling of some different art supplies every month.  Check it out.

I've been reading a lot of comics lately.  Mostly because I've been trying to catch up with our pull-list and some other stuff that's just been piling up around my apartment.  All the stuff that Dash Shaw has put out this year has been excellent.  I'm almost caught up on Ryan North's Adventure Time comics and they're great. I need to catch up on that show.  I haven't seen any of it since that one season ended with the Lich sending Finn and Jake to that weird alternate reality.  I'm rereading all of Grant Morrison's Batman comics in anticipation of the end of Batman Inc., and I'm rediscovering a lot of what I liked about it initially.  I also started reading some of Kengo Hanazawa's I Am A Hero, which I'm really enjoying.  Nothing beats horror manga.  Oh, and because Michel Fiffe's Copra has been so great, I've been reading issues of John Ostrander's original Suicide Squad run to tide me over in between issues.  I'd never read those comics before and I can't believe how good they are.  I just read the one where Batman breaks into Belle Reeve.  It's a great Batman story and a really moody take on team dynamics.  I loved it.

Also, Tessa's been back on her tumblr, totally wrecking shit as usual.  Check out her Gatsby review, and her new style blog, The Only Look That Matters.  She says hi.

This was nice, let's try to do this more.

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