Thursday, June 26, 2014

Superman #32

Superman #32
Geoff Johns, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson

Geoff Johns has a pretty strong Johns-ian start in this issue.  I'm not going to say anything quite so outrageous like Geoff Johns really "gets" the character, because I have no idea what that even really means anymore, but the issue is heartfelt and entertaining, with Johns really working to get at the "humanity" (see: "loneliness") of this iteration of Superman.  I say "iteration" because who even knows when this will all get reset and we get another, slightly different Superman anymore?  It's gotten to a point where following the story lines of your favorite superheroes is a largely futile pursuit, and to me it makes more sense to just take stories in the context of the writers'/artists' larger body of work.  So how does this stack up in Johns's long list of superhero comics?  It's pretty good and everyone kept their arms.  There's also some pretty reckless child endangerment to keep it exciting.  I'm sure it'll be fine.

Anyway, the big draw here is John Romita Jr., of course.  I think this is his first time working on a DC book or something like that?  That can't be right, can it?  JRjr has been around forever!  I guess that forever has been spent with drawing the shit out of everyone in the Marvel universe, though, so he's moved his considerable talents over to the other side of the fence.  Apparently when you're sick of drawing the same superheroes everyday, you just say fuck it and, uh, draw... other... superheroes.  Which is fine by me, considering the last time I remember JRJr doing something outside of the big two's superheroes he churned out something called The Gray Area, which didn't exactly catch on.  I mean, if you want a superhero book why not go with JRjr?  That guy's great for this stuff.  Check out Superman punching out Titano, the giant gorilla that has Kryptonite inside him for some reason (or is he a robot gorilla now? is that new? sorry, not up to date with Titano news either, I guess).

(shoutout to Entertainment Weekly for that tight watermark. PROTECT YA NECK.)

And it's not just the bombastic shit that JRjr does either.  Bars, offices, Clark Kent's sad little apartment.  It's all there in that blocky, straight-line style of his, and it's dope because everything feels chunky and heavy and real.  Like the way JRjr draws all of these whatever city locations makes it feel like real places in a real city, like maybe there's an actual map to these places somewhere in JRjr's tequila soaked brain.  Same goes for the characters we get in this issue.  Different sizes, different shapes, they all look like distinct people populating this chunky, heavy city.  Superman in particular looks like a pretty beefy, yet mobile dude (a shame they still can't do anything about that awful new liney mandarin collar costume, though).  Clark looks like a guy roughly the same size of Superman, but he couldn't possibly be Superman.  I mean, would Superman, the best dude on the planet, wear some bullshit like glasses and a backwards snapback (ugh, even worse it looks like it could be a velcro-strap)?

Having John Romita Jr. and trusty ol' Klaus Janson backing him up with inks and colors is a great move for this Superman book, and I'm hoping DC can manage to keep this art team sticking around for a while.  JRjr and Klaus are dudes who've been around a while, though, from a time when if you missed a deadline, Jim Shooter or somebody would just take a shit in every spinner rack in America and put your tardy-ass name on it as punishment.  And you know what, if they can't make it on time, that's none of my goddamn business.  Comic fans love to get on these guys's case when their stupid comic is late, and I think that's bullshit.  These artists have to put together all these pages every month on top of all the other bullshit that you have to do just to exist as a human being on the planet earth.  Sorry your comic was late and you couldn't spend your precious four dollars on this bullshit this week.  I'm sure there are people who have legitimate gripes with people missing deadlines, particularly the people whose jobs are actually made tougher when those deadlines aren't met, but on the fan/consumer end of things, what does it even matter to you?  Whoops I got off track by this stupid fucking straw man I just invented in this paragraph.  Sorry.  Blogging about comics is stupid sometimes.  What I was meaning to get at was that I like JRjr and I love Klaus Janson, and I hope DC gets to keep them on as a consistent art team.  It's always good for DC when they get some artists that aren't forced to stick with this god-awful house art style that DC seems to have been developing.

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