Friday, February 6, 2015

Some pages I liked from Wolverine

I just read Chris Claremont & Frank Miller's Wolverine, do you know it?  You probably do.  For those of you who aren't familiar (and for those of you who already are and are ready to nod along sagely to impress. . . ah, whoever is watching you. . . read. . . this article?), it was a miniseries made in 1982, back when Wolverine's past was shrouded in mystery and Kitty Pryde was the only mutant to think of him as a cool, gruff dad.  I might be mistaken, but I believe this was one of the first times we get a look into Wolverine's past ties to Japan?  Probably a pretty exciting treat for people clamoring for more of Wolverine's past back then, but really now more of a historical novelty for those of us alive and well in 2015, a time when Wolverine is neither alive nor well.  (Although I just did some quick googling and 1982 was also the year that movies like Blade Runner, Poltergeist, Tron, Star Trek II, and MOTHER FUCKING CONAN THE BARBARIAN were coming out, so now I'm starting to wonder where it ended up on the list of priorities of nerds in 1982.)

The story is mostly concerned with Wolverine's romantic pains told through the lens of a Japanese crime underworld story.  I don't really want to get into it here, so real quick: it read like a fairly typical work from Claremont in the 80s, and that's just fine by me, but the real stand out here is Frank Miller's art and Glynis Wein's colors.  Check it out, this RULES:

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